SAD |Ukrainian kids watch their father’s stay behind to Fight [Video]

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Heartbreaking moment an Ukrainian father saying goodbye to his family as they move to safe zone.

Ukraine faces an invading Russian force that is much larger than all its armed services combined.

As Russian forces entered breakaway eastern Ukraine areas this morning and started operations to destroy key Ukrainian military facilities, posts on social media about Ukrainians leaving home for the frontlines or staying back to fight have emerged.

In one of them, a Ukrainian man is seen hugging his little daughter at a safe zone for civilians, from where she would be taken to a shelter. The man would stay back to fight the incoming Russian forces.

He is in tears, so is the girl. The tweet shared by independent media New News EU says, “A father who sent his family to a safe zone bid farewell to his little girl and stayed behind to fight…”

Watch the video below;


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