Yawa |Brave Ukrainian civilian offers to Tow Russian tank back to Russia after fuel shortage [Video]

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As the full-scale Russian invasion into Ukraine enters Day 4, reports have surfaced that several military tanks are running out of fuel, food and are stranded on highways.

Amid these reports, a video of a brave Ukrainian man is going viral on social media where he could be seen chatting with armed Russian soldiers standing beside a broken down tank.

The video was posted on Twitter by ‘Liveuamap’ on Saturday. It has gone viral with over 8.5 million views, 67k likes and 22k retweets.

The man stops his car and asks the soldiers whether the tank broke down. To which the Russian soldiers reply saying they are “waiting for diesel”.

The man seems to be making fun of the Russian troops but they laugh it off and respond to him in a friendly manner. The driver jokingly asks, “I can tow you back to Russia!” which makes the Russians laugh.The Russian soldiers apparently did not know where they were going.

The driver tells them that Ukraine is winning and that the Russians are surrendering. “Do you know where are you going? – No. What’s in the news? – Ukraine wins. Your guys surrender”.

The man then drives off and comes across another broken-down tank after a short distance.

Watch the viral video below:


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