Sad Moment as Ukrainian civilians help Russian soldier Phone his Mum [Video]

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A surrendered Russian soldier broke down in tears as Ukrainian civilians gave him food and helped him call his mum.

In the video, the captured soldier who is bundled up in warm clothes can be seen sipping on hot tea and eating a pastry. He is surrounded by several Ukrainians, one of whom is holding up a phone.

According to the tweet, the Ukrainian woman helped the Russian soldier video call his mother to her that he’s okay.

Overwhelmed, the Russian soldier didn’t say anything as he fought to keep his emotions in control.

During the video call, he just ate and drank tea with tears in his eyes and then gave a flying kiss to his mom.

A man off-camera can be heard saying the soldiers “don’t know why they are here,” according to a translation.

“These young men, it’s not their fault,” the man is heard saying in Ukrainian.Netizens said the video was heartbreaking and praised the Ukrainians for showing compassion to Russian troop.

“The way he is chugging down that tea and food it seems like he hasn’t eaten in days,” a Twitter user said. “This is heartbreaking and in the same breath gives you hope for humanity,” the user added.

Watch the video below;


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