All to know about Black Sherrif’s Official Statement on Management case

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Black Sherif , the stage name of Ghanaian musician Ishmael Mohammed Sherif, has released an official statement in reaction to current issues surrounding his management.

A lot of folks recall him quitting his management and covertly signing a recording deal with Empire Entertainment without the knowledge or agreement of his manager.

The singer of “Second Sermon” was said to have thrown away a home provided to him by his management, 100 pairs of shoes, and a car given to him to aid in his professional advancement.

Discarding his management for Empire Entertainment without explanation is precisely what Ghanaian radio personality DJ Slim said while highlighting the singer’s decision.

To be fair to the present dispute, Black Sherif has released a statement claiming that the discussions are based on false and unsupported statements.

According to the statement, the team is now attempting to negotiate a settlement between the two parties.

Check out the full statement below:


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