Ukrainian troops Rejoice as they Captured Russian Tank [Video]

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The tensions between Russia and Ukraine are reaching new heights each day, with the war between the two nations getting more violent.

The Russian armed forces have launched an attack on Ukraine, using heavy missiles and tanks inside their borders.

In the midst of the current Russian invasion, reports have emerged of Ukrainians fighting back and defending their country. After reports of a man towing away a Russian tank with his tractor emerged, there is a new viral video from the war-torn country.

A video has been doing rounds on social media where several Ukrainians can be seen taking a “captured” Russian tank out on a spin in a frozen field. The video shows the Ukrainians cheering and hooting as they drive the tank on the field.

The video, which is 24 seconds long, shows a group of men on top of a “captured” Russian tank, taking it on a joyride at high speed. The man filming the video on his phone yells out “we did it” and “glory to Ukraine” while his friends laugh and cheer.

The vehicle in the video has been identified as the T-80BVM armored battle tank, which was most likely captured by the Russian forces.

Several Ukrainians have claimed on social media that Russians have been abandoning their vehicles and weapons after they were either captured or fled from the war.


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