“Selly is 8 Months Pregnant” – Prayè Tietia says

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Ghanaian musician Praye Tietia real name Steven Fiawoo has indicated that both he and his celeb wife, Selly Galley, were doing just fine in terms of childbirth.

While speaking in an exclusive interview on Kofi TV Praye Tietia indicated that they were not having any childbirth issues at all.

According to him, his wife did not like him speaking about their family issues but he felt it was about time they cleared up the matter once and for all.

Praye Tietia then went on to say that Selly Galley was actually pregnant and was going through the process smoothly.

However, things did not go so well which caused them to lose the baby in the eighth month of the pregnancy.

“My wife was pregnant, my wife was almost about 8 months pregnant and we lost it but we decided to keep it to ourselves because it is not anybody’s business, so there is nothing wrong with my wife, the time will come and she will conceive again,” he said.

Praye Tietia indicated that even though they were devastated, they picked themselves up and forged ahead.He further rubbished claims going rounds on social media that they were not medically okay to conceive.

Praye Tietia said everything was okay with them and called on the general public to stay clear off any rumour that claimed otherwise.

In the video below, Kofi Adoma also asked about how many children he is expecting they will have, the musician said “I already have three kids from my past relationships so if we can get seven, we are looking up to God”.


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