Viral |Ukrainian Couple ties Knot in Military Uniform amidst Russia invasion [Video]

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A heartwarming moment showing a Ukrainian couple tying the knot in military uniform while being serenaded by their comrades has gone viral.

The video was shared online by German war reporter Paul Ronzheimer, who works for BILD and has been covered the Russia-Ukraine conflict from Kyiv.

Ronzheimer identified the couple as Lesya and Valeriy, adding they got married next to the frontline in Kyiv.

“This couple, Lesya and Valeriy, just got married next to the frontline in Kyiv. They are with the territorial defense,” Ronzheimer wrote.

The delightful video shows the couple standing in the middle while being surrounded by their comrades who were singing a popular tune.

One of the soldiers, who looks like an orthodox Christian chaplain, played tunes on a Bandura (a Ukrainian folk musical instrument similar to a lute) before singing solo for a few seconds.

Watch the video below :


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