Yawa |Nigerian Nurse Dumps Boyfriend after Migrating to UK

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A Nigerian man has been left heartbroken as his nurse girlfriend he spent close to N1 million in sponsoring her relocation to the United Kingdom dumped him after she settled in the foreign country.

@akunesiobike12 shared the incident on Twitter, stating that it happened to his friend who resides in the United Kingdom.

According to the Twitter user, his friend gave the lady who is nurse money for IELTS, CBT exams to fulfil her dream of relocating to the UK.

Upon settling in the UK, the lady said she didn’t find him attractive anymore and needed to prioritise her career, hence the need for them to break up.

Shattered by what she told him, the man had driven to her place for a face-to-face conversation but was given cold treatment.

“Even when my guy drove almost 4 hours to her house, she couldn’t even offer him a cup of water or anything to eat. Man has been left heartbroken since then. I pity him shall.”

The heartbroken man would also discover that his ex-girlfriend has a new catch.

“The saddest part was that, the very day nigga drove about 4 hours to see her at her place, another Nigerian guy came there and picked her up, and took her out, right in front of my homeboy. I felt like crying when he narrating the story to me,” the Twitter user wrote.


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