Nigerian Actress Shade Ladipo shares Concerns on Korra Obidi’s Stream of Income [Details]

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Media personality, Shade Ladipo, has expressed sympathy for dancer Korra Obidi after she disclosed that she can’t stay off social media amid her marriage brouhaha.

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Korra had made this disclosure after being told by netizens to leave social media until her marriage crisis is resolved, instead of continuing to post dance videos when her home is ‘on fire’.

However, the professional dancer lashed out at her advisers and told them that she makes her money from social media so she can’t afford to be offline. Read here

Reacting to this, Shade took to her Instastory to say she’s sad that Korra can’t go off social media to escape the online drama surrounding her marriage.

She further advised people not to rely on one source of income like Korra, whose major stream of income is social media.

“Every day I’m thankful I have never ever made social media or the entertainment industry my main source of income.

Seeing what’s happening with Kora & her family, I feel sad for her that she can’t simply log off and close herself from all the drama.

Pls diversify your income
Don’t be reliant on one source of income
Especially social media/entertainment income
Social media is seemingly very lucrative but can be deadly af

In the end you’re just fodder
You’re entertainment
You’re trips
You’re a Pawn”


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