Who Are Roger Pearce Children?


Roger Pearce, who was ITV Sport technical boss, has died unexpectedly while on duty in Qatar for the ongoing World Cup. 

Roger Pearce dies in the Middle East state. 

Roger Pearce had spent over four decades with ITV. 

Aside from the World Cup he is covering in Qatar, Roger Pearce was in charge of UEFA Europ Championships and the Rugby World Cup. 

Roger Pearce was going to retire in just five weeks’ time before he died. 

‘We have some very sad news to bring you from here in Qatar,’ announced ITV sports presenter Mark Pougatch on Monday evening. ‘ITV’s Technical Director Roger Pearce, who was here embarking on his eighth World Cup. 

‘Roger and his team are the brilliant people who bring the pictures into your homes and make it all happen. Roger was a hugely respected figure in the TV sports broadcasting industry.’ 

‘He always had a smile on his face and left a smile on your face, he was utterly dedicated, professional, charming and hugely popular, he’ll be missed by so many people inside the industry and at home.’ 

The cause of Roger Pearce’s death is yet to be known. He died at the age of 65 o November 21st, 2022 in Qatar. 

Roger Pearce was a married man but there is no information about his wife. 

The funeral of Roger Pearce will be communicated very soon. We will keep you updated. 

Roger Pearce Children: Who Are Roger Pearce Children? 

There is no information about the children of Roger Pearce. Just like there is hardly any information on his wife, there is no information whether he had children before his demise. We continue to research and will update you immediately there is any information.


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