Camila Cabello Embraces Those Christmas/‘Quismois’ Pronunciation Memes – Rolling Stone


The pop star poked fun at herself after a clip of her singing “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” with some peculiar phrasing went viral

Camila Cabello has seen the Christmas/quismois memes and wants to help spread a bit more goofy holiday cheer.

On Monday, Cabello posted a short clip of her “preparing” to record a proper version of the holiday standard, “I’ll Be Home for Christmas.” Cabello performed that song at a White House holiday concert last year, and a clip of it recently went viral after fans latched onto the peculiar way she phrased and pronounced “Christmas,” almost as if she was saying “Quismois.”


Cabello took the meme in stride, playing both herself and her “vocal coach” in the video, in which she pretended to practice her phrasing for the song. Echoing the classic Family Guy “cool whip” clip, the two Cabellos went back and forth, with the vocal coach stressing “Christmas,” and Cabello repeatedly just replying, “Quismos.” 

Eventually, the vocal coach gives up with a resigned, “It’s gonna be great.” 


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