Things will improve before 2024 poll; ‘Breaking The 8’ still alive — NPP assures


The Chairman of the New Patriotic Party NPP Stephen Ntim and his General Secretary Justin Frimpong Kodua have vowed to collectively work to win the 2024 election for the party despite the current hardship.

According to the General Secretary, they foresee the country’s situation improving ahead of the 2024 election hence they expect nothing but victory.

On his part, the National Chairman said he will not go down as the the Chairman who led the party to opposition. The party has made Breaking the 8 a mantra, hoping to be the first party to win a third straight term.

He said this when he officially inaugurated all the standing committees of party’s national council.

“You will agree with me that, I have spent 20 years in the political wilderness before getting to where I am right now. I will not become National Chairman only to take the party back to opposition. We are committed to identifying where the previous administration left off for us. We are going to strengthen what they did and build upon their accomplishments.”

The General Secretary of the party, Justin Frimpong Koduah said 2024 will be won by the NPP.

“Winning the 2024 elections will be historical. We will be the first political party to have won the elections three consecutive times, and Mr. Chairman Insha Allah it’s possible. In terms of policies, no political party can compare itself to the New Patriotic Party (NPP). In spite of the challenges that we are going through as a country, certainly before the 2024 elections, things would have turned and Ghanaians will still have confidence in the NPP,” he stated.

Mr. Kodua added that the party has successfully resolved issues around the MPs boycott of the Budget reading tomorrow. He however urged the MPs to remain loyal to the party, first and foremost.

“First and foremost, your first loyalty is to the party, or matters that come before your committee should be kept at the committee level unless the party hierarchy demands that it comes out. You should be able to execute your duties without fear or favour,” he said.


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