Typical Gamer Girlfriend: Meet Samara Redway


Typical Gamer was born Andre Rebelo.

He is a Canadian gamer on YouTube whose gaming content has oftentimes featured Grand Theft and Fortnite.

Typical Gamer has surpassed 12 million subscribers.

Before he became famous on social media, Typical Gamer started off a career o YouTube with the game Red Dead Redemption.

Apart from YouTube, Typical Gamer has influence on Twitter and Facebook too. He has garnered following over 100,000 on Twitter and over 425,000 followers in his Facebook page.

Typical Gamer was born March 23, 1992. He was born in Canada.

Typical Gamer although he is popular, loves to keep his family private. Nothing is known out there about his parents. However, his brother is known as Billy.

Typical Gamer has a great height. His physical appearance is something to write home about. He is said to be 5 feet 10 Inches tall.

Typical Gamer is worth an estimated amount of $23 million.

Does Typical Gamer Have A Girlfriend?

Yes, Typical Gamer is dating a social media influencer.

Typical Gamer Girlfriend: Meet Samara Redway

Typical Gamer is dating Samara Redway. She was born in Vancouver, Canada. Samara Redway is also a social media star. She has over 1.6 million subscribers.

Samara has great following and uses the platforms to tell her story. She also shares content like games including grand theft among others.


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