FIPAG, Creative Arts Ministry can’t resurrect dead Kumawood


Popular Kumawood Actor Prince Acheampong known in the movie industry as Inchankota does not believe the Film Producers Association of Ghana (FIPAG) and Creative Arts Ministry has what it takes to revive the dead Kumawood Movie Industry.

Kumawood Movie Industry has been faced numerous challenges which has led to its collapse for so many years with actors and actresses now resorting to skits for survival

Speaking in an interview with AMBASSADOR TV monitored by, Prince Acheampong said “Film Producers of Ghana (FIPAG) and Creative Arts Ministry lack knowledge to resurrect the dying Kumawood movie industry”

According to Inchankota, “Nobody can convince me that Kumawood Movie Industry has not collapsed. The industry collapsed long time but our leaders have failed to put measures in place to revive the industry”

“So far as some industry players are shooting short skits on YouTube doesn’t mean Kumawood Movie Industry has not collapsed. Our leaders including FIPAG and Creative Arts Ministry should be up and doing” urged.

“How many Ghanaians can buy internet data to go to YouTube to watch videos? How many people have quality access to internet to watch videos on YouTube? How can an old lady who stays in a certain village watch our movies on YouTube?” he quizzed.

“The Deputy Creative Arts Minister Mark Okraku Mantey has disappointed most of us who trusted him because his position has not contributed any good impact to the Movie Industry. Some FIPAG executives have also become lazy and they have failed to bring good things on the table to make positive changes to the dead industry”, he stressed.


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